The Team

Each of our trained florists is selected for their ability to create bouquets using their individual eye to design the best and most beautiful 'hand-ties' - the modern dome-shaped bouquets.

As well as bouquets, our florists are expert in creating arrangements for every occasion, with an established clientele, from restaurants to boutiques, corporations and private homes.

Jazz Flowers has established a strong reputation for offering quality choice, combined with a personal touch. The florists we select to be a part of the team take pride in their work. There is artistry in what they do.

All our florists work out in the open at the front of the shop, allowing customers to choose flowers and watch their bouquets being created.

In Your Basket

Jazz Flowers is synonymous with passion and vision. Whether you come into the shop as you pass by or you are a client with a regular contract, you know you will always be dealing with an individual who will ensure your flowers and plants are the very best.