Jazz Bikes

Jazz Scooter Bikes are specially designed motorbikes, with a unique delivery box and uniformed delivery rider.

Jazz Scooter Bikes cruise past even the heaviest traffic and reduce delivery times dramatically. Being congestion charge free, Jazz Scooter Bikes also cut the cost to you, our valued customers.
(Minimum delivery charge £6 in London, maximum £10)

Jazz Scooter Bikes truly represent the faster, cleaner, greener equivalent to traditional delivery vans.

(For bigger displays, we always retain a van and always allow additional time for larger deliveries)

With the weight of traffic on the roads all over London, Janet Bolton, owner and manager of Jazz Flowers, was determined to find a way to delivery flowers to our customers across the capital as quickly and economically as possible, making sure than your flowers and plants reach you in the best possible condition. With our passion for the beauty Nature, we also wanted to achieve as 'green' a solution as possible.

We are especially concerned to make sure that your flowers and plants arrived to you in the best possible condition!

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